Procedure to have your voice mail messages transcribed
by Quicktate and stored in Evernote:

There are numerous phone service providers and Unified Messaging companies that can deliver your voice mail messages by email. If your provider does not, we can recommend some great ones that do.

  1. Log in to your current phone service provider's web portal.

  2. Edit the email destination where your voicemail files are being sent. Enter your Evernote email address as the default destination. You only need to do this once.

  3. Now, when you receive a voice mail message, the audio file will be sent to Evernote.

  4. Evernote then "notifies" Quicktate that you have a new voice mail message, at which time Quicktate electronically retrieves the audio file and then transcribes it.

  5. After your file is transcribed, Quicktate will email you the transcript and will deliver a copy to your Evernote account for storage and searching. The transcript will be posted in your Notebook immediately below the original audio note. Also included will be the word count as well as a "contact" button to alert Quicktate in the event you wish to talk to us about that particular file.

  6. Quicktate also saves the transcript in your Quicktate account, along with the word count for that file, and the total word count for all your files, grouped by month.