Carrier Solutions

Whether you need thousands of audio files processed per hour, or just a transcript of last week's monotonous two hour lecture - Quicktate has a solution for you.

Quicktate's Solutions

Speech Transcription

Recognize speech with industry-leading human accuracy and rapid turnaround times, using Quicktate's transcription platform. Upload audio files into our system using our web interface, or send them automatically direct from your application using our flexible API.

Call Auditing

Quicktate can analyze thousands of calls per hour, providing valuable metrics on how your users are interacting with your phone staff. We can also provide full transcripts of phone calls based on certain criteria. If, for example, you only want full transcripts of every call in which a user yelled, it's possible with Quicktate - we can offer custom transcription solutions for any need.

Call Transcription

Conference calls, interviews, and phone meetings are just a few examples of the types of calls we can record and transcribe into text. Stop relying on memory to recall who said what in a conversation, get it in writing.

Driver Safety

More and more auto accidents each year are happening because of texting while driving. Who says you have to use your thumbs to send a text message? With Quicktate's powerful speech transcription API, developers can easily implement speech recognition into their apps. Don't require your users to thumb frantically - implement Quicktate's API and you could potentially save a user's life.

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