What makes us unique?

We designed our system from the ground up to ensure that your speech is transcribed quickly, confidentially, and with remarkable accuracy.

Discover what sets us apart from the rest:

Human Accuracy

Quicktate achieves unparalleled transcription accuracy by using highly-trained human typists under strict confidentiality agreements to ensure that your jobs are secure and accurate.

Rapid turnaround

We know how critical it is for you to receive your messages fast. That’s why we have thousands of typists on call 24/7 ready to work at a moment’s notice. Our system dynamically distributes the workload, and automatically alerts additional staff when needed.

Assured Security

We realize the sensitivity of your dictations. Our system was built with security as a top priority. Multiple layers of protection guard your data, at the software, network, and human levels.

Scalable infrastructure

Expecting a large volume of messages? Not a problem! Our infrastructure is load-tested and ready to rapidly scale to meet any transcription requirements.

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